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Westhofen's Top Vineyards in Rheinhessen

Updated: Apr 1, 2021

On my recent visit to Westhofen at Weingut Wittmann, I was given a tour through the vineyards. Wittmann mangages some of the best sites around the little village with mainly south to southeast exposure and a beautiful view over the valley.

The Morstein and Kirchspiel vineyard is set with clay and limestone and produces firm, structured Rieslings with high acidity, while the Kirchspiel vineyard has a little more sand and tneds to be more fragrant.

The Aulerde is set at a lower site, southfacing, and is usually the first to ripen and to be harvested. Firm wines, with body and texture.

The Brunnenhäuschen vineyard has a redish soil due to its iron content. The wines tend to have more yellow fruit with hints of orange and fresh, creamy texture.

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